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Coverage Areas:
London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex

Boiler Servicing

You should conduct regular boiler servicing as it ensures that you get the most benefit from it, running a system to its maximum efficiency will lead to savings on your bills as well as extend the life of your appliance.

Your boiler is an integral part of your home and you rely on it to for heating and hot water. While many boilers these days are highly efficient and reliable, they still require servicing. We offer boiler servicing ensuring your boiler remains safe, in good working order and reliable.

The Importance of Boiler Servicing

Boiler servicing is vital for many reasons and it ensures that your boiler operates safely. A faulty boiler or a boiler that is likely to fail could result in gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning but regular boiler servicing will ensure it functions safely.

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Our coverage areas include London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex.

Providing A Trusted service supported by ACCREDITATION’S and certificates.

You can confirm our Gas Safe certificate by going to the offical website and conducting a register search. Gas Safe Register

Problems can occur with boilers at any time and if that problem is not identified it could mean that you have top spend thousands of pounds replacing your boiler. However, if you have your boiler serviced, our experts will be able to identify potential problems or issues and rectify them before they become significant problems.

We also ensure that your boiler is operating efficiently, keeping costs down while maximising its performance. All of this is designed to ensure that you can access heating and hot water when you need it.

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Reliable Boiler Servicing

We are Gas Safe Registered and so, we are qualified and professionally registered, enabling us to carry out boiler servicing both safely and correctly. Our team of experts will carry out your boiler service quickly and efficiently while minimising disruption. In most instances, servicing takes no time at all but it provides complete peace of mind knowing that your boiler is safe and operating correctly.

We are experts in all aspects of boiler servicing. From adhering to industry standards and regulations to identifying problems and identifying solutions, we work hard to provide a reliable service that our clients can trust.