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Coverage Areas:
London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex

Landlord Safety Inspections

Landlords have to follow legal obligations when it comes to renting a property out and it being occupied by paying tenants.


As a landlord, you have many legal obligations to fulfil and the health and safety of your tenants are one of them. While you might make sure that the structural integrity of the building is as it should be, you should also ensure that your heating and boiler system is safe.

You might take your boiler for granted, especially as it might have served your tenants well for many years, it could be experiencing problems that you are unaware of. These problems, if left untreated could prove devastating and so, you have to make sure that you present the correct landlord gas safety certificates.

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Our coverage areas include London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex.

Providing A Trusted service supported by ACCREDITATION’S and certificates.

You can confirm our Gas Safe certificate by going to the offical website and conducting a register search. Gas Safe Register

As part of our overall service, we have the ability to undertake a survey of your property and ensure that your boiler and heating system is working as expected. Our thorough service comes backed with experience and expertise, ensuring our clients can trust us.

Our experts will inspect all pipework, boilers and parts to ensure that there are no issues and we carry out all gas checks to ensure there are no leaks. If we identify any problems then we will rectify them and bring your system back up to speed with ease. As a landlord, you have to make it a main priority to ensure that you have all relevant certificates.

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As gas experts, you can put your trust in our service and allow us to undertake all checks with confidence. We leave no stone unturned and work to ensure your system works efficiently and safely. We don’t cut corners and we follow the rigorous checklist that governs the entire process.

 Once we are satisfied, we will then issue all relevant certificates, allowing you to inform tenants that your property is gas safe and meets the standard required by law.

As you are already aware, inspections are a legal requirement, but the CP12 certificate is also a piece of documentation that must be seen by other organisations such as financiers, insurers and letting agents. The certificate is your evidence that you are following those strict legal guide lines, and that your property is gas safe and habitable for your tennants allowing you to be able to rent it out.