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Coverage Areas:
London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex

Leak Detection

Leaks can become a serious problem if left unattended, if you suspect a leak do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


If you suspect that you might have a gas leak or a water leak in your property then you’ll need to identify the leak as soon as possible. A water leak can cause a vast amount of damage to your property while a gas leak can prove fatal.


Therefore, we are on hand to provide a leak detection service that acts fast to ensure we identify the source and rectify the issue as efficiently as possible.


Providing A Trusted service supported by ACCREDITATION’S and certificates.

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Our coverage areas include London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex.

Our entire service is delivered by qualified, Gas Safe Registered specialists who take your safety seriously. We ensure we carry out thorough checks and undertake all work professionally and efficiently. A proactive approach and experience allow us to provide a simple yet effective service that you can trust.

It can prove a challenge to identify leaks, particularly as there are many potential ways in which this can occur. A leak can take place slowly over a long period of time or they can occur instantly but we are here to take care of your leak.

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We utilise experience as well as the latest technologies to identify your leaks. Whether it’s visible pipework or hidden pipework, we will carry out all necessary work to identify the leak. We call on modern detection techniques to assist us in providing our service. We understand that any kind of leak can prove to be a concern by we are on hand to ensure we put things right.

We carry out a quick survey and we isolate all relevant systems. We then get to work to seek out and rectify the issue. Where possible, we will carry out repairs to save you money but where necessary we can install replacement parts. Our service is honest and transparent while we ensure we keep our prices competitive.